Spiritual Warfare - Arthur Burk

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If you generally walk in victory but there are some resistant pockets of demonic agitation in your life this album is for you. This is a collection of insights and strategies into niche issues. It has been helpful to tens of thousands of people as they have discovered the "why" for those stubborn issues.

This set of teachings addresses specialized niches in the spiritual warfare panorama that are often missed by the more comprehensive teachings that are available. If you have seen great movement in your life as you dealt with your internal issues as well as with the world around you but there are still some resistant pockets you may find answers in this eclectic collection of strategies.

For example if you have resistant health problems financial devouring or relationship problems and you know they are demonic in origin but they won't go away the answer may be that you are dealing with a curse on time. The demonic power is rooted in time but manifests in health etc. This teaching on differentiating between a curse on time and ordinary demonic attachments has been liberating to thousands.

Second in popularity is the teaching on the spirit of jealousy. Since jealousy is rampant we treat it like the common cold. We hope it will not affect us but we don't consider it to be a major issue. The reality is that there are demonic facets of the spirit of jealousy that can be deadly so knowing how to push back against the spiritual dynamic is vital.

Then there is a grab bag of smaller issues: the victim spirit spiritual labels nocturnal visitors the mesmerizing spirit a mantle of invisibility and burden bearing for land to mention just a few.

There is an extensive teaching on the spiritual roots of Freemasonry that is unique to us so far as we know. Other teachings develop in great detail the power of one of the roots but in reality there are three roots to Freemasonry and if all three are not dealt with the defilement comes back.

The most valuable portion of this album however is not the strategies against the enemy but it is the teaching on three different kinds of spiritual authority. Most believers do not know all of the authority available to them nor how to shift from one kind of authority to another nor how to grow in the requisite authority when you are facing a stronghold that is too large for you at the moment.

All told this is a detailed step by step teaching about the "rules of engagement" in the spiritual realm. No longer can we just repeat a renunciation. We need to understand the spiritual dynamics that empower the demonic and disempower it at the root.


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