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Student Manual

School of Champions 2 is formatted for those who desire to begin a cell group. As in School of Champions 1 there are two sections to each class. The first section will cover practical issues relating to the cell structure of our church and how to lead your own cell. The second part will look at three personal disciplines that are required for you to grow into being a leader in the body of Christ. They are intercession evangelism and servant hood.


Section 1: Cell Dynamics topics include:


    • The Biblical Basis for Cells


  • Having a Vision for Multiplication
  • The Importance of Having a Vision
  • The Structure of a Cell Meeting
  • Leading People to Become Leaders

and Much More...

Section 2: Personal Discipline topics include:


    • Developing a Powerful and Effective Prayer Life


  • Spiritual Protection
  • Basic Levels of Strategic Intercession continued
  • Stragetic Intercession
  • What is Evangelism?

And Much More!

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