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There Is No Other That Can Satisfy The Deep Need In Our Life For The Affections Of God.

There is no other one than Jesus who can satisfy the deep need in our life for the affections of God. Jesus You Are All I Need He is determined that we know His goodness and that we know that He is the giver of all that will satisfy us. Your Hand Is Open When Jesus touches us with His love the emotions that we feel are often hard to describe. When His Word speaks to our hearts it is like a kiss from Him. It's A Love That I Can't Explain Like a small child in the embrace of a loving father we find our identity in the love of our heavenly Father. Heart To Heart Jesus initiates the invitation to draw close and receive the love that He offers to us His blood poured out for us on the Cross. His life blood is the Cup poured out in His suffering. Here's My Cup As we gaze on His beauty in this great sacrificial act we stand in awe in the truth of His faithfulness and His goodness. I Gaze On You The life-giving stream that flows from the side of Jesus here at the Cross becomes the stream of cleansing which we can enter into. I Will Come And Drink What joy! We are His. He is our friend and we belong to Him in the most profound way. I'm Bought! Filled with His love energized by His strength confident in His goodness we choose to run with Jesus wherever He may invite us to go. I Will Run Run Run


1. Jesus You Are All I Need

2. Your Hand Is Open
3. It's A Love That I Can't

4. Heart To Heart
5. Here's My Cup

6. I Gaze On You
7. I Will Come And Drink From The Stream

8. I'm Bought
9. I Will Run Run Run

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