Coming Up from Vol 3 (Lamentation) - Ruth Fazal


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Recorded live at “Coming up from the Wilderness 2000”

- Worship – Teaching – Poetry – Prayer –

with Graham Cooke Ruth Fazal Gary Wiens


1. Prayer

2. Into The Wilderness
3. Sabachtani

4. Lamentation
5. Restoration To Fervency

6. Prayer

“An amazing time of sensory overload in the sweet Presence of the Holy Spirit. AS we worshipped taught prophesied and read poetry the swirl of His anointing was profound and it seemed as though we were swept along on that wondrous river of Ezekiel 47. I’m convinced that as you listen to these albums your own heart will be carried upward toward His Throne and you will be drawn nearer to His heart that burns for you.” - Gary Wiens

“The most wonderful time with Jesus. I believe we really did pour out our hearts in abandoned worship and the focus was on Him alone. Our days together were spent loving Him in song poetry teaching prophetic ministry and dance. It seemed that we were unable to outgive God who continually poured into us over and over again. He is such an extravagant Lover and we are so blessed!” - Ruth Fazal

“Our days were spent being touched by God so that we could reach into His heart and discover Him yet deeper. It was a thirst quenching thought renewing spirit refreshing time that required a stretching physical stamina just to hang in there with a God intent upon filling us with Himself..” - Graham Cooke

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