Post Abortion Ministry CD - Chester & Betsy Kylstra


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National statistics say that a baby is aborted every twenty seconds. Without minimizing the sinful act of abortion, how do we share the forgiveness and freedom from this sin that is in Christ?

No woman is prepared for the aftershocks of emotional and spiritual devastation that carries on through the years after an abortion. Without a forgiving and caring environment to grieve their choices, an abortion will often become the secretive, dark and hidden place in a woman’s life. Betsy shares a compassionate perspective on how we might provide a safe place for healing and what we can offer as Ministers of the Lord.

  •  Understanding the differences in physical, emotional, and spiritual effect of having an abortion versus abuse and miscarriage.
  • The progressive unfolding of the trauma and grief after having an abortion such as denial, emotional blockage, anger and blaming, and depression.
  • The feelings and experience of women who have had abortions
  • Helping women cultivate self-forgiveness

After the teaching segment, Betsy continues to share a testimony of the Lord’s heart towards those who have had abortions and a time of prayer.

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