Building a Growth Project (6CD)

Building a Growth Project (6CD)


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Ever been to the conference, heard the inspirational speaker, made deep, wholehearted commitments to change, came home and faded in three weeks? Then lived in guilty for having failed to change?

Me too. How do you think I know this stuff?

I have learned over the years that I usually violated my design badly when I was trying to fix my character. My design pushed back so hard, I dropped the character or principle project.

Over time, I learned to understand how I was designed to heal. When I could harness my own healing and growth dynamics, and focus them on character project, I could stay on task for months, instead of days.

This is not a quick fix for anything. It will still require self-discipline over time. But with these tools, it will be doable for most, rather than being an exercise in futility.

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