Nurturing Your Spirit - Level 3 CD Set

Nurturing Your Spirit - Level 3 CD Set

Arthur Burk

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This was a wide ranging seminar but the primary focus was on treatment of autism and working with the human spirit in the context of SRA/DID. There were also many tools provided for unpacking the treasures of the seven portions of your spirit.

What was theory in 2006 was proven methodology by 2008 when this seminar was presented in Texas. Thousands of people have experienced transformation using those tools.

This seminar began with an extended look at autism and how ministry to the spirit can enhance other modalities.

This was followed by a detailed model of how to engage with and heal the seven portions of the spirit.

There was a fair amount of exotic ideas sprinkled throughout such as the gender of time and space and how to redeem the family line. But the major thrust of the afternoon session was looking at SRA/DID. Arthur was passionate in presenting a better way to begin therapy. When you work with the spirit before working with the soul the spirit can partner with the therapist in two ways: revealing the secrets and healing the wounds.

The final session looked at the bigger picture of the treasures that are in the human spirit and the need to access them in a comprehensive way.

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