Nurturing Your Spirit - Level 2 CD Set - Arthur Burk

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This album focuses on wounds to the spirit. Among other things we explored wounds in the womb molestation divorce and D.I.D. The final focus was on creativity and authority and how the spirit can be nurtured to enhance those.

This seminar was recorded live in the summer of 2006 in Chicago. It is a follow up to the Basic seminar and presupposed that you have listened to that material.

The first section of new material dealt with wounds to the spirit while still in the womb and what could be done in adulthood to remedy that.

From there we explored the ramifications to the human spirit of sexual molestation. There are different kinds of wounds to the soul and the spirit that take place during molestation and they have to be addressed differently. In addition to the teaching there was a live demo with a woman who had already gone through a lot of soul ministry for her molestation but was far from free. This modeled how to address the spirit as well as the soul in a healing process.

The next session touched on the impact of divorce and some of the ramifications of D.I.D. to the spirit. Specifically we talked about the question of whether the spirit could be divided and what to do about that.

After spending most of the day looking at negative topics we went out on a high note exploring creativity and authority. The spirit has a role in both but it does need to be developed in an intentional way to release the full potential.

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