New Spiritual Authority- Intimacy - Arthur Burk

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Have you been burned by intimacy and made some serious inner vows not to let THAT happen again? Or were you raise in an emotionally sterile home and don't know how to be intimate? There are solid tools for both groups in this album.

Intimacy is a treasure and a destructive force. Because it has become a trap so often there are many people who are afraid of allowing intimacy in any social setting. The result is a great shallowness in our communities.

This album explores three different facets of intimacy. First is how to control intimacy. There are specific proven tools for being able to unilaterally dial intimacy up or down as the social setting requires. It removes a measure of risk when there is a "throttle" which you can use.

Second it explores the core characteristics of our soul: belongingness worth and competence. Those need to be in place for us to walk in intimacy. Arthur takes a long look at both the normal development and the way God heals us when we are lacking one of those three.

Finally we explore why intimacy with God and with the community is the key to our spiritual authority in the Mercy season.

This album is not about abstract concepts. It is one of the most basic hands on daily use teachings Arthur Burk offers.

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