How To Walk By The Spirit Workbook

How To Walk By The Spirit Workbook

Mark Virkler

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Are you like many western Christians who have been taught so little about how to sense their spirits? Do you have trouble even defining what spirit sensations feel like within you much less sensing them? Do you sense your spirit as emotions inner sensations character traits attitudes motivations?

If Jesus was aware of s(S)pirit sensations within Him and lived constantly out of them then we must learn to do the same. The foundation of this book is the 1200 verses in the Bible which mention "heart" or "spirit." You will look up many of them answering two key questions: "What does this verse teach is a possible spirit-level sensation?" And "When have I experienced such a spirit sensation?" "What did it feel like?"

The goal is that you come away with a vocabulary to describe inner spirit sensations and an awareness of spirit sensations within yourself. May you learn to live as a s(S)pirit-conscious as Jesus did.

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