Gifted to Succeed Workbook

Gifted to Succeed Workbook


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Making Dreams Come True!

What Is Your Destiny?

Nothing is quite as exhilarating as being an outlet of God’s full potential in your life. Once you discover exactly why He has placed you on this earth and start fulfilling that destiny every day of your life you will find a whole new passion for living. No more wandering around aimlessly from vocation to vocation and ministry to ministry trying to find something that you truly enjoy. Gifted to Succeed will get you pointed in the right direction so you can take off running down the path that the Lord has ordained for you and you alone. Don’t let another day slip by without realizing your destiny.

Build Your Dream Team

The most successful corporations of today are doing something unique: New employees are given a batter of personality and skill-level profiles to discover their temperament talents skills and interests. With this information the individual is then fitted into the job best suited to use his individual desires and gifts. For years I have marveled at this realizing that these employees will perform to their greatest capacity when they work for such companies. They will be so glad to have found a niche in life for which they are perfectly suited and in which they are fulfilled that they will give on hundred and fifty percent and do so joyfully while receiving a blessing in return. Wouldn’t it be nice if the Church could do the same thing if it too tested all newcomers and placed them in position that most perfectly suited their personality their dreams their talents and their maturity level?

I wonder what would happen to a church that put everyone to work immediately on the proper level of his gifting and maturity and in the area of his heart motivation. Would it be right for us to anticipate explosive growth?

We have the solution for such progressive churches. In the book Gifted to Succeed you will find a battery of a dozen different profiles that will examine everything from heart motivation to Bible knowledge to commitment level. After completing the profiles and working with a consultant you will be able to place the new attendee in the area of ministry in your church that is most perfectly suited to his skills. The Church wins the church member wins and the kingdom of God wins—a triple win situation.

Paperback: 187 Pages

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