Baby Blessings: Joy - Arthur Burk

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One of the finest foundations for a dynamic life is to have your sense of identity and legitimacy established in the womb.

Playing the blessings on these CDs for your child in the womb will make an enormous impact at the core of his or her being.

God designed us to have joy as our default emotion. Clearly there are times when the outside circumstances cause us to experience some of the darker emotions but we should automatically return to joy when the circumstances change.

For most people however joy is a destination they get to occasionally when the outside circumstances are conducive to the emotion.

Another facet to consider is our capacity for joy. There are many who have a very modest capacity for joy. Even when the social environment is offering immense joy they do not have the "wiring" to experience the highs that others around them relish.

The blessings on these two CDs are designed to build into the child in the womb a huge center for joy so that they will default to joy and will experience great joy when the cause is there.

However thousands of adults have experienced their own joy base expanding significantly when they listen to these blessings repeatedly. Adults are not quite as malleable as children in the womb but the effects of a joyless childhood CAN be repaired.

For both children and adults it does require repeated exposure. If you find a specific blessing that lands deeply we encourage you to camp on that one blessing and listen to it repeatedly for days or weeks until that dry spot in your soul is well watered once again.

These two CDs are included in the album "Ministering to Babies in the Womb" although you may purchase them separately here if you wish.


Part 1

  1. Legitimacy
  2. Identity
  3. God's Presence
  4. Joy to the Lord
  5. Obedience
  6. Knowing Life Givers
  7. The Prize

Part 2

  1. Being Rescued
  2. Walking in Favor
  3. Solving Problems
  4. Reproducing Your Values
  5. bringing the Glory of God
  6. Remnant prevailing
  7. Used by God

2 CD Set

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