Convergence - Patricia Bootsma


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Heaven's Destiny Becoming Your Reality

Words spoken over individuals cities and nations are conditional — their fulfillment is based upon our response. Paul exhorted believers to ‘wage war’ for personal prophecies. How does one wage war for a prophetic word and journey from promise to fulfillment? That question burned in Patricia’s heart as she sought the Lord about how to walk in the things He promised her through prophecies. In "Convergence" you will walk beside her on her journey of discovery so the Lord can reveal to you the keys to unlock the doors of your destiny. Her prayer is that you will experience convergence of heaven’s desire for your life both here on earth and in the glorious eternal realm to come.

John and Patricia Bootsma are a part of the Pastoral Team of Catch the Fire Toronto. Patricia is the Director of the House of Prayer in Toronto and leads the Ontario Prophetic Counsel. She is part of the Canadian Prophetic Counsel and travels extensively as a prophetic voice helping to awaken the Bride of Christ in passion for Jesus flow in the prophetic gift and walk in fullness of destiny. John and Patricia are the parents of six amazing children.

ISBN: 9781936101436
Paperback: 128 pages




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