Prophecy and Responsibility - Graham Cooke


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A Journey Into Receiving Revelation And The Process Of Godly Communication





The world today desperately needs a prophetic church. But many of those with prophetic gifting wonder: "Now what? How do I move in this gift effectively and in a manner that glorifies the Lord?" In Prophecy & Responsibility acclaimed author and speaker Graham Cooke offers a biblical framework for judging weighing and delivering prophecy. Drawing on over thirty years of experience in prophetic ministry Graham instructs both prophetic leaders and those with a blooming interest in prophecy in the communication of the heart of God with responsibility and honor.



Building on the principles set forth in his previous book Approaching the Heart of Prophecy Prophecy & Responsibility the second book in the Prophetic Equipping series delves deeper into prophetic practice addressing such difficult questions as:



What is the prophet's role in relationship to church leadership?


What is the difference between false prophecy and poor prophecy?


How do we handle people when they make mistakes in prophesying?


Offering personal anecdotes from Graham's ministry devotional passages Scriptures and exercises designed to grow the reader in faith and wisdom Prophecy & Responsibility is an invaluable resource for anyone who truly desires to glorify the Lord through prophecy.


Paperback: 229 Pages


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