Living in Dependency and Wonder - Graham Cooke

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The Journey Of Discovering The Depths Of God’s Love For You


The Being With God series by Graham Cooke author of the bestselling “Developing Your Prophetic Gifting” examines different aspects of spirituality from slightly unusual angles. These books are interactive journals filled with practical guidance in the form of prayers exercises actions and meditations woven throughout the text. Readers are encourages to work through each book and chart their progress as they seek to further their personal journey of walking with and being with God.


Every believer needs to learn the joy of allowing God to use the circumstances of life to reveal more of Himself to us. No challenge in life can affect us negatively when we realize it is another opportunity for God to show us more of His character and who He desires to be for us. In this book Graham Cooke takes us on a journey to discover the depths of God’s love for every one of us and teaches that it is possible to give thanks to God for every circumstance we face – whether joyous or difficult – because God’s commitment to us never wavers.


Paperback: 128 Pages

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