An MRI of Fathering (2CD)

An MRI of Fathering (2CD)

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The hardest things to find are those that are not there. When interviewing for employment it is not too hard to find the problems resulting from damage in the course of life. And these should be exposed.

However, often the largest problem is with an employee who failed to receive appropriate nurture as a child. Those undeveloped areas do not show up easily in the job interview, but they do manifest in a person’s inability to work effectively in community.

This album covers the seven areas of the parenting process that each person should go through. There are a series of questions that can be asked to find out what is missing that the other individual does not even know is missing.

While this teaching was designed for use in the HR department, the tools are equally applicable for understanding one’s own deficits, as well as providing a road map for the nurture of your children or your team.

In short, it has universal application since the nature of our fathering will affect each one of us when we attempt to do community.

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