Your Health & The Redemptive Gifts (4CD)

Your Health & The Redemptive Gifts (4CD)

Arthur Burk

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Fractals hold the key to health and healing through the human spirit. The problem is that most people wouldn’t know a fractal from a fractious kid.

This teaching begins with an overview of the philosophical shifts in both allopathic medicine and alternative health care. Then Arthur shares the problematic history of healing through the human spirit. While there have been some astounding reports of success, the results are very spotty.

This changed when we began to understand the fractal approach to our design. When we understand how our body systems are designed on the template of the redemptive gifts, we can approach healing from the perspective of what is normal, not what is broken.

There are no silver bullet strategies for specific diseases in this teaching. Rather it is a broad new perspective on how to build strategies for our human spirit to heal our bodies.

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