The Majesty of His Artistry (8CD)

The Majesty of His Artistry (8CD)

Arthur Burk

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The true beauty of the redemptive gifts is only seen in the context of their interaction.

And no one can weave them together like the King!

Some people learn the redemptive gifts like they learned the alphabet. They can distinguish each gift from another like they can tell the letters apart. However mastering the alphabet is a fairly useless exercise if you cannot weave the letters together into words sentences and books.

The same is true for the redemptive gifts. Your knowledge of the redemptive gifts is relatively pointless unless you can walk in community at a higher level.

This album on the redemptive gifts is by far the finest of the various teachings Arthur has done on the gifts. Using an entire nation as his playing field Arthur showed the artistry of the King in using the redemptive gifts for His purposes.

Whether it is the redemptive gift of an individual a community land a tribe or time they are each a vibrant colour on the Master's brush. In this set Arthur looks at a few centuries of history from the perspective of the King advancing His agenda not through violently subduing people but through His incomparable knowledge of the treasures embedded in each redemptive gift.

The King creates incomparable win/win scenarios. As He positions individuals and people groups they experience the exquisite joy of walking in their design while simultaneously empowering others to likewise move toward their birthright.

For those of you who have assiduously studied the previous teachings on the redemptive gifts the album "The Majesty of His Artistry" will be a refreshing change.

This one you want to listen to with your spirit. Yes there is new data there but the value in the teaching is the impact it will make on your spirit as you stand on the sidelines of history watching The History Maker move with impunity through the minefields of human choices and demonic intrusions.

Your spirit will be enlarged your view of the King forever altered and your worship of His Majesty will have a new key of music after marinating your spirit in this portrait.

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