Life, Dominion and Honour CD Set - Arthur Burk

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The Love factor in the tapestry of a community is almost entirely dependant on the level of honor that is there. And Honor is fragile.

To put it in marketing terms if Jesus was setting up a branding campaign the brand awareness for Christianity was to be the strength of their community.

Why are the love bonds in our communities so shallow? Why has the branding campaign failed so badly?

The mesmerizing spirit is the devil's primary tool for hindering the vitality of a community by devouring the honor God intended you to have.

This teaching provides a clear picture of the Christian landscape. The mesmerizing spirit down not gain leverage in our lives through our sin as often as he does through our incomplete understanding. Because American Christianity is so prone to specialize in their theology many communities are vulnerable to the mesmerizing spirit.

Arthur Burk takes you through a step by step understanding of the problem and the solution. There is a clear Biblical foundation for how to build a fortress of righteousness that is impenetrable by the mesmerizing spirit.

8 CD Set

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