Pure Joy - Arthur Burk & Crystal Wade

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Joy is the basic human emotion


Two of the marks of maturity are how large your capacity for joy is and how rapidly you can get back to joy from a toxic emotion.


Your child's capacity for joy is best developed before the age of two. You can grow in your capacity for joy after that but God designed the greatest joy to take place early.


Joy is a function of the spirit the soul and the body. There is a specific set of cells in the brain that are devoted to receiving input that is converted to the emotion of joy.


The soul has a huge potential for different kinds of joy. For one person it is making music and for another it is scoring a touchdown...


The spirit however has the greatest potential for joy. There are so many facets of our spirit's relationship with God that are designed to produce different flavors of joy in our spirit. And this treasure of spirit-based joy is usually the most overlooked under developed of all-to our loss.


This book is a treasure chest of tools for nurturing your child's capacity for joy in their spirit - beginning with conception. But if your children are toddlers or you as an adult find yourself keenly lacking in joy use the blessings anyway. All three levels of joy can be developed at any time they just come more quickly for babies.


So open the book anywhere. Savor a joy blessing for yourself right now. Then become fiercely intentional at building joy into your whole family by reading a blessing a day to each person around you.




Paper Back: 115 Pages


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