Kids Can! 28-Day Family Devotional

Kids Can! 28-Day Family Devotional

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From schoolwork to chores, this 28-day family devotional empowers kids to know how to glorify God in everything they do. Through daily Scripture readings, relatable stories, guided reflection, and prayer, families will learn how to work together and how to work with God.

This Kids Can! Family Devotional includes an activities section with discussions of related books and movies, suggestions for field trips, and activities to try at home. The activities are organized around each week's theme:

Work and Me

Everyone Has Work to Do

Cleaning Up

It Hurts When No One Notices Your Work

Work at Home

Stop the Fuss over Chores

What's Fair between Brothers and Sisters

Sibling Teamwork


Asking a Teacher for Help

Dealing with Difficult Teachers

How to Make New Friends

Work in the World

The Basics about Money (and Putting God First)

How to Make Difficult Money Decisions

Getting a Job

Each devotion is framed by a concern that real-life children might have about their work. Examples include: "I don't want to work, " "My teacher is mean, " or "It's not fair." Each of these felt needs is explored through a Scripture, a story, a commentary, discussion questions, and a prayer. The stories, though fictional, resemble the real work lives of children and parents.

4 Key Features of this 28-Day Family Devotional:

Full-Color Illustrated Interior. Eye-catching and visually stunning, these devotions are engaging.

28 Key Topics for 28 Days of Devotions. Enjoy having 4 weeks of important devotions on Bible values and life lessons like serving others, making friends at school, preparing for the working world, putting God before money, and more!

Interactive and Relevant. Filled with relatable stories, activities, and field trip suggestions, easily apply Bible lessons and Scripture to your everyday life.

Discussion Prompts. Relevant discussion prompts will get families talking about real-life issues like making smart money decisions, work ethic, and how to be a light in the school or office.

Softcover, age 5-10, 120 pages, 6 x 9 inches, ISBN 9781683072188.

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