The Warrior Soul - Jerry Boykin & Stue Weber

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Life is a battle and we are ALL soldiers. We may not wear a uniform eat in a mess hall or dodge actual bullets for a living but we are in a wara very crucial one. Just walk into any room full of people and youll find a room full of pain and wounds. On the outside we wear our camouflage well but on the inside deep within our own souls we realize life is conflict. It is traceable to a single source: Satan the adversary of our souls. Using physical warfare as a foundation The Warriors Soul provides a guide for how to apply the techniques of a true warrior in the spiritual realm emphasizing moral courage and integrity as fundamental components of the warrior ethos. The warrior is motivated by a passion for defending that which he holds dearest placing himself between what he loves and the enemy that threatens it. At a time when our country is facing some of its biggest challenges in decades andChristianityis being marginalizedat every turn God is calling us to engage with the enemy and we must do so now.

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