31-Day Devotionals for Life: Contentment

31-Day Devotionals for Life: Contentment


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"If I could just have a little more . . . if my situation were just a little different! My plan for my life would be perfect, if it would just come true!"

It is often obvious how little we are in control of our lives, and discontent seems like a natural response to not getting what we want. But it's a dangerous attitude that drives us away from God, and, ironically, getting what we want wouldn't fix it! So what will?

Megan Hill takes us on a month-long journey to lift our eyes from our own expectations for our lives and fix them on the God who is more reliable than our changing circumstances, and who ordains them for our good. This daily devotional teaches us the value of contentment, helps us to cultivate a thankful heart, and provides immensely practical approaches for pursuing contentment in specific types of circumstances that trigger our worry and anxiety.

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