31-Day Devotionals for Life: Pornography

31-Day Devotionals for Life: Pornography


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It's a daily struggle, a war you know all too well. You have tried to untangle yourself from pornography addiction, turning to books and monitoring software for help. But nothing seems to work or last . . . and now you feel trapped in a "voluntary slavery." Is there any hope?

Deepak Reju points out that pornography is a worship problem, a life of purity is part of the overall race of faith, and the sin of lust can be fought only with a greater love for Christ. This month-long devotional gives you the encouragement and preparation you need, every day, for the war being waged for your soul every day. Through reflection questions and practical suggestions for action, it will show you the way to find godly accountability, guard your heart, and run the race away from shame and self-condemnation toward the One who should truly rule your life.

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