Super Incredible Faith: Conquering Fear

Super Incredible Faith: Conquering Fear

Julia Ball

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The big game. The upcoming test. New friends. Growing up isn't always easy, but Jesus wants you to live it out with faith not fear. This 52-week devotional packed with over 100 activities is intended to give preteens a guide to living out their faith in real lifeby introducing them to Jesus as the ultimate superhero.


From loving others unconditionally to witnessing, the key topics covered in this interactive, full-color devotional will equip your preteen with the truth to stand strong in their faith.


4 Key Features of RoseKidz's Conquering Fear Devotional:

  1. Full-Color Illustrated Interior--Eye-catching and visually stunning, these devotions are super engaging and powerful.
  2. Interactive--Filled with dozens of action-packed activities, puzzles, games, and crafts, each devotion will be a hands-on learning experience for your kid.
  3. 12 Key Topics Across 52 Weeks of Devotions--Enjoy having a year of exciting devotions on topics like following Jesus, going to church, and more!
  4. Age-Appropriate--For superhero kids ages 10-12, each devotion was styled and written to be relevant and meaningful to your preteens.

Greater than any celebrity or figment of our imaginations, Jesus is a truly incredible superhero! He invites us into his adventure! The early parts of this devotional will introduce the truth about who Jesus issharing with kids about his life on earth, as well as his death and resurrection. It will then proceed to share with them the rescue mission that Jesus, the ultimate hero, embarked on, by introducing them to the process of salvation.

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