SpiritLed Promises for Spiritual Warfare

SpiritLed Promises for Spiritual Warfare


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Blessed be the Lord my strength who prepares my hands for war and my fingers to fight. --Psalm 144:1 MEV

There is nothing that is more urgent for Christians than to grasp and understand the teachings from Scripture on spiritual warfare. We are at war with a supernatural evil spearheaded by Satan himself and it is personal.

This is a spiritual battle that must be fought with spiritual understanding. Our weapons therefore cannot be of this world. SpiritLed Promises for Spiritual Warfare gives you easy access to your greatest weapon in this fight the Word of God. Categorized by topic this book lets you find the perfect verse for...

· Obtaining wisdom and guidance for the fight

· Fighting the battle for your mind

· Receiving deliverance from enemies and strongholds

· Praying for miracles wonders healing and more!

This is a fight to the finish with life and death hanging in the balance. When God calls you to spiritual war arm yourself with His promises that provide the bold assurance that you can be more than a conqueror!

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