Inspired By the Psalms: Decrees that Renew Your Heart & Mind - Elizabeth Nixon

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Create a heavenly atmosphere by the renewing of your mind with these inspirational decrees In todays culture there is a trend toward positive thinking and positive affirmations. Biblical decrees are not only the answer to these but they are also the only ones with real power to change your circumstances. Based on the historical biblical and traditional Hebraic and linguistic definitions decrees operate in the supernatural realm and actually carry the authority of a court order. Inspired by the Psalms gives you actual decrees to apply to your life and demonstrates how you can: Order Gods purposes and promises over your life Renew your mind with truths about the presence and influence of God Watch the kingdom of God manifest in yourself your family and your spheres of influence When we understand that speaking decrees is not just us voicing a wish or hope or whim but that the words themselves rip the spiritual atmosphere like lightning opening doors to the blessings and fullness of the kingdom of heaven only then are we able to properly assert our authority and dominion in both the natural and spiritual realms.

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