Satan You Can't Have My Children - Iris Delgado

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Satan, You Can't Have My Children is a powerful instrument for mothers, fathers, grandparents, teachers, and all persons involved in work with children. It is filled with godly principles and Scripture-based prayers to give parents the confidence and faith to believe that their children will grow to become positive, godly adults who impact their homes and communities for God. Satan, You Can't Have My Children provides clear, powerful spiritual tools that can be used to nurture and raise godly children. One chapter is filled with Scripture-based prayers that can be used by readers to pray for their children-young and old. This book is a tool for showing parents that, with God, the impossible is possible. To the parent struggling with a disobedient or rebellious child, this book provides calming encouragement and godly principles that can bring about a transformation in the home. It reinforces the promise that God's power is greater than the power of the enemy over their children's lives. It taps into the supernatural power of the Holy Spirit to aid parents, and it advises readers: Never give up in the face of adversity. Prepare yourself to see the Word of God in action in the lives of your children, and believe that God will perform His Word.

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