God's Generals #3: The Revivalists (Hardcover)

God's Generals #3: The Revivalists (Hardcover)

Roberts Liardon

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The Generalists Who Revived Nations

Follow the faith journeys and lives of these great revivalists:

  • John and Charles Wesley, the brothers who founded Methodism and brought the message of "free grace" to the masses, in England and abroad.
  • George Whitefield, whose dramatic flair and passionate preaching needed no modern conveniences like microphones to reach crowds of more than sixty thousand people.
  • Jonathan Edwards, a Puritan whose preaching blended compassion for people's souls and condemnation of sinful habits to achieve a balance effective for spiritual conversions.
  • Francis Asbury, the tireless itinerant preacher who took the gospel to the extreme frontier of the American colonies.
  • Peter Cartwright, a no-nonsense preacher whose firmness and fists brought people to faith.
  • Charles Finney, the skeptical lawyer-turned-evangelist whose ministry was marked by deep prayer and divine healing.
  • Dwight L. Moody, friend to the fatherless, who fed and clothed Chicago's orphans, planted Sunday schools throughout the city, and saved more than a million souls.
  • William and Catherine Booth, who gave food to the hungry, fought to free those trapped in sex trafficking, and founded the Salvation Army, now the largest charitable organization in the world.
  • Billy Graham, counselor and confidant of eleven U.S. presidents, who preached God's unconditional love and saving grace to millions.

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