Sacrifice the Leader

Sacrifice the Leader


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How to Cope When Others Shift Their Burdens Onto You

"It is now over twenty years ago that the Lord first planted the seed in my mind for my original book Sacrifice the Pastor. As a Baptist pastor I had noticed a tendency of individuals telling me confidential issues of their lives and then within a few months they either turned against me or left the Church. I realized that in some way I had become the sacrifice for their sins rather than the Lord Jesus.

Now over twenty years later I understand that this is not just a transaction that takes place with pastors. As compassionate Christian leaders wherever we are listening to the hurts of others we can be placed in a position to become a sacrifice.

This can happen as businessmen therapists school teachers principals small group leaders church staff professionals or simply a friend who listens with a kind heart. Therefore the book was not only relevant for pastors but also for all those who found themselves in leadership positions. Thus the new title Sacrifice the Leader.

This book addresses these issues and helps us to keep our focus on Jesus as our sacrifice. The principles presented will help keep us in unity so that the work of the Kingdom of God will progress here on earth."
-Paul L. Cox

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