Letting Go of Your Past

Letting Go of Your Past


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Take Control of Your Future By Addressing the Habits, Hurts, and Attitudes That Remain from Previous Relationships

Transform your past to victory!

You have the choice. Your past contains a wealth of relationships experiences lessons and hurts. You can learn from them and use them as a foundation for a victorious future. Or you can let them use you - tainting your current relationships and hindering your ability to be the person you were created to be.

In Letting Go of Your Past- book three of four in The Transformation Series - you will discover how past relationships and events are affecting your life today and what you can do to address them and find healing. By applying the scriptural principles in this book you can confidently:

  • Build and maintain healthy relationships with family members
  • Create the right balance between "bearing one another's burdens" and allowing healthy separation as you empower others to grow and flourish
  • Find true oneness in your marriage
  • Become an effective contributing member of society

The Transformation Series is your road map to spiritual growth and improved emotional health. Learn how to relate in wholeness and worship God in total abandonment!

Paper Back: 227 Pages

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