Generational Prayers Manual (2018 Edition)

Generational Prayers Manual (2018 Edition)

Paul Cox

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For over twenty years, prayers from Aslan's Place have acted as starting points as ministers, groups and individuals work to follow the lead of the Holy Spirit in generational prayer. These prayers have been developed during Aslan's Place events, Bible studies, prayer sessions and through revelation. They provide an opportunity to enter into new freedom as you exercise the authority you have through Jesus Christ over your life and family line.

Prayers and resources new to the 2018 edition:
* Prayer for DNA
* Ministering to the DNA & How to Locate a Problem on a Chromosome
* Prayer for Release From Bigotry (Racism) and Its Effects 
* Prayer to Re-Establish God’s Original Creative Design
* Backdoor Prayer
* Prayer to Renounce the Illegal Access of the Windows of Heaven
* Elements Prayer
* Renunciation of Sins Associated With the Tree of Forgetfulness and the Release of Godly Inheritance

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