Shalom For The Heart - Rabbi Evan Moffic


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What if one word could change your life? What if one word made sense of what was missing...and what is possible? That word is God's promise: Shalom. 


Shalom is right relationship... with others, ourselves, with God. It has worked for 4000 years. In the generous spirit he is known for, Rabbi Moffic exposes Christians to the power of that ancient Hebrew word. When you open up this book, you'll find ways to

stop worrying about being perfect by remembering only God is perfect (p. 9)

pray with intimacy and vision (p. 79) 

know the meaning of mystical Hebrew words (p. 134) 

uncover the 31 ways ancient rabbis have understood key biblical sayings 


And as you read, you will

soak up ancient wisdom in a five-minute devotion and prayer

laugh a little more as you get exposed to Jewish humor and wisdom

feel encouraged during a hectic day

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