Friends With God Devotional For Kids

Friends With God Devotional For Kids

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These 54 devotions help kids discover a truth that changes their lives forever: God not only lovesthem, He likes them, too. And He wants to be their friend!

As children meet God's Bible-times friends, they glimpse who God He treats His friends...

and how eager God is to know all His children!

Children will be delighted to find...

- 54 faith-building Bible devotions that give them a fresh, compelling look at God--the God who knows them, loves them, and is eager to draw them close.

- Kid-sized friendship nuggets of relational advice that helps kids build lasting relationships...and get along better with siblings.

- Bible theme-reinforcing instant games that keep the togetherness flowing.

- Beautiful illustrations from artist David Harrington--making this devotion a visual treat.

- A free bonus app with games and digital collectible cards!

Makes a perfect companion devotional for the Friends With God Story Bible!

Bonus: Bring the devotion to life with the FREE Friends With God App!

Kids come face-to-face with Bible-times friends of God. Scattered throughout the pages of theFriends With God Devotion for Kids, digital triggers unlock mobile games so they can win virtual devotional cards with fun ideas they can talk about with their families. Plus, they'll get a Bible character collectible card with entertaining facts about that person.

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