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The Bible is way more than a book for so many, for so long, it s been the doorway into a new life full of meaning and adventure and freedom. But for so many students, the Bible is a daunting book. It seems intimidating and disconnected from their everyday life. Until now.

In Pierced, students will discover a narrative version of the New Testament that reads more likea regular book, and is organized to make better sense. Every book is introduced by original artwork created by teenage artists. And every book includes the actual scribbled notes and highlights and questions that teenagers have written in their own Bibles. You get to join their conversation as you read, with space throughout to add your own voice. The story of Jesus is piercing, and will pierce you, as you follow his narrative all the way to his heart. 

Special Features: 

  • Biblica's Books of the Bible approach to simplifying the New Testament narrative
  • Original, student-produced artwork that serves as a thematic on-ramp to every book
  • Actual journal notes, comments, and questions from teenagers own Bibles scattered throughout
  • Journaling space that completes the conversation
  • A stripped-down design that takes away the intimidation factor in reading the Bible

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