If...What If?

If...What If?

Tony Myles & Daniel Myles

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Quirky Questions. Clever Conversations. Faith-Filled Families. 


Anyone can ask a good question, be it to create chit-chat, launch a deeper conversation or uncover truth. If you had some help getting started, you might even find your relationships with God and your family better for it. What if along the way your questions could help you better understand the whole Bible, cover-to-cover? 


This unique book of 365 devotions is all about that.  Written by a father and son, it's filled with clever questions and profound insights that speak to kids, teens and adults alike. It's the kind of thing you can pull out around the dinner table, bring with on a hike or read on a family road trip—pretty much anywhere you're willing to wrangle a few minutes to grow together. It's sure to create meaningful discussions, deepen your family's faith, and offer plenty of laughs along the way.

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