Downside Up - Tracey Mitchell


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A harsh reality of life is that it’s not always enjoyable. Everyone has experienced rejection. Whether in the form of hash words; unreciprocated love; loss or betrayal. Most people perceive rejection as a negative occurrence; when; in reality; rejection can be one of the most powerful tools in life. 

Downside Up contains step-by-step guides; resources; and inter-active pages necessary to restore lost identity and transform dreams into reality. Downside Up offers wisdom; guidance; and personal application while also outlining and establishing key biblical principles that promote emotional and mental wellness. Readers will:

  • Understand the importance of developing a positive and God-designed self-portrait
  • Identify their life’s purpose and maximize their potential for success
  • Discover the value of godly mentors and other positive relationships
  • Overcome negative thoughts; fear; and lack of self-confidence 

Rejection is not about experiencing loss. It is an asset for fulfilling your dreams.

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