Visions from Heaven - Wendy Alec


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In Visions from Heaven Wendy Alec prophet and seer recounts a series of extraordinary supernatural encounters with the Father following a season of deep personal trauma. In a series of panoramic visions the Father and Jesus take Wendy on an extraordinary journey. From the Father's Chambersto the brilliance and sheer majesty of the Throne Room to Satan's trophy rooms to the macabre trading floors of the Souls of Men. If you have been through a season of adversity and testing and found yourself at the sheer rock face encountering some of the fiercest trials and testing of your life...if your heart is secretly breaking with bewilderment and abandonment...if Heaven itself has seemed silent...soso very silent at your time of deepest need...the Father's answers to these questions will bring surprise challenge immense encouragement and such great hope.
There on the table in my Father's Chamber was a large box beautifully wrapped in the palest aquamarinetied with a pale pink bow. I lifted the lid. Inside the box lay an exquisite dress in robin's egg blue tulle. I gasped. It was so utterly beautiful. I held it up and instantly I was wearing it. Then I looked down and saw there was a huge seeping bloodstain over my heart. I looked up in horror at my Heavenly Father. It is the wound of abandonment He said softly...You thought I failed to protect you. I stood silent before Him. For I knew it was all true. Although my spirit always knew otherwise my heart had been so intensely assailed by the enemy that indeed I felt during the worst most awful physical suffering that my Heavenly Father had abandoned me....

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