Manifesting Your Spirit - Graham Cooke


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The Way of the Warrior Series: Book 2


Spiritual warriors manifest their spirits in God by leading a faith-filled like of positivity and rejoicing. Warriors know that God is working within them and that whatever they need will be manifested (made real) in their spirit as they continue to exercise faith and dependence in the Lord.

Manifesting Your Spirit demonstrates how not to compromise your oneness in Christ, and therefore know, and own, your true identity. This book will show you how to live in commitment and will empower you to break through your limitations. This will be your guide to establishing a new nature, mindset, and spiritual reality in Christ.

We serve a God who fills all things with Himself. In every believer there is an internal Presence that provides spiritual momentum. We are designed to be carriers of Living Water. We are created in Christ to never be thirsty again.


In this three volume series, The Way of the Warrior, Graham Cooke explores what it means to manifest our spirit in the course of life. Power flows from the inside out! Warriors live within themselves, calm and untroubled by externals.

In the heat of battle, when faced with difficult circumstances, contending against impossible odds, warriors call up the majesty and supremacy of God that is already present in the Secret Place of their spirit. They have a warrior's perception of the reality of God in the midst of provocation, attack and opposition.



Paperback: 187 pages

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