A Journey Through Emotional Abuse

A Journey Through Emotional Abuse


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In A Journey Through Emotional Abuse you will receive important information along with emotional support as the book walks you through the Matthew 18 process of reconciling with a brotherallowing the church to intervene. You will discern whether your husband has made the necessary changes or whether for your own safety you should leave him.

Chapter Titles Include:

•What is Abuse?

•What is The Cycle of Abuse?

•Does He Realize What He is Doing?

•Are Your Reactions Making The Situation Worse?

•Can't God Change This Situation Through Prayer?&gt,

•Does God Care About Abused Women?

•How Can You Protect Your Children from Abuse?

•Where Can You Turn For Information Help and Support?

•What is a Safety Plan and Why is it Important?

Caroline Abbott is a Christian woman and writer who was in an emotionally abusive marriage for 20 years. Her goal through this book is to help other women who are currently being or have been abused.

Debbie Stratford is an approved domestic violence treatment provider. Married to an abusive pastor for 10 years she is now and ordained pastor herself. Debbie was a Colorado State Representative passing bills impacting domestic violence.


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