Your Destiny

Your Destiny


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Unlocking the Impossible Promises of God

This book is written at the request of our Father and of many around the world who have asked us to give them more insight and inspiration so they too can walk into the fullness of their destiny. It contains many of the keys the Lord has given us in our journey and we promise from God just as they have unlocked ours. Here we are showing you a road map to your destiny in a very simple way.

This book is intended for the nameless and faceless generation. Those who have been waiting for a long time to partake of the glory of our Lord. These are the days when ordinary people are doing extraordinary things and making God famous in the land of men. We pray that when you finish reading this book you will be challenged and encouraged to push the doors and take the Kingdom by force. Our heart's desire is that you will soon join us in saying: "God has been faithful in all He has promised and my prophecies have also come to pass."

Paper Back: 258 Pages

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