Keepers of the Presence - Murray Dueck


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Are you Aware of Divine Moments?

It's an ordinary Sunday morning church service. Suddenly the atmosphere changes—the presence of God has come! Are you one of those who can sense or feel such divine moments? If so then it's time for you to recognize the special calling God has given you. Some signs of your calling include the ability to:

•sense if God's presence is released or hindered;
•know how people are feeling;
•sense or feel whether meetings or places are spiritually safe or troubled.

Keepers of the Presence is your roadmap to help you develop your unique gift of spiritual sensitivity so you can steward the presence of God wherever you go!

In this book you will find over 50 "Filling Stations" or activations designed to help you understand all that you sense and feel happening in the world around you. With these practical activities you will discover how to respond appropriately and how to step into and release the presence of God. 


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