A Pale Horse - Chronicles of Brothers 4 - Wendy Alec


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Wendy Alec's epic Chronicles of Brothers saga continues in the eagerly anticipated fourth book. It is 2025. Halfway through the tribulation The Fourth Horseman of the Apocalypse The Hooded Rider wields his scythe....The Rapture draws near. The long awaited Ten Kingdom Babylon Accord is finalized in Iraq. Ten of the world's former super economic regions including the entire Middle East and China now ravaged by inflation and famine form a one world government under the iron rule of President of the the European Union-Lucifer's clone-Adrian De Vere. Adrian De Vere now controls the European Union NATO the United Nations and half the world's food and oil reserves. He masterminds a bailout plan to the tune of 70 trillion dollars. Israel is halfway through the denuclearization agreement. Adrian De Vere is hailed as the great western ally and savior of Israel. His elder brother arch cynic and media mogul Jason De Vere finds himself sucked into a dark supernatural world of demonized beings Nephilm Archangels and subterfuge-his deadliest enemy once his closet friend and brother is now systematically intent on his destruction. Jason runs for his life. Half a mile under Mont St Michel Normandy Adrian De Vere's biological scientists and Lucifer's dark Cabal Wizards release a weoponized toxin to decimate over a third of the earth's population. A timeless saga of Demons and Angelic Warriors of obsessive love and treason. And an ancient evil that knows no bounds....

Meet The Author

Wendy Alec the author was born in London England. Coming from a background in the arts and media she is a prolific writer. She is creative director of a leading global broadcasting network that she co-founded with her husband.

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