Breaking Unhealthy Soul-Ties

Breaking Unhealthy Soul-Ties

Bill & Sue Banks

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Do Your Relationships Produce Bondage Or Joy?


- Are you in bondage to a person?
- Does someone else manipulate you?
- Are you easily controlled dominated?
- Are you tormented with thoughts of a former friend/lover?
- Are you free to be all God intended you to be?
- Have you bound yourself by your words (vows promises?)
- What are the symptoms of a Godly relationship?
- What are the symptoms of an ungodly relationship?


Unhealthy soul-ties inevitably become demonic soul-ties. Having recognized the existence of demonic soul-ties and having through countless deliverance situations confronted the spirits involved it thrilled me to read this insightful biblical treatise on the subject. It is a methodical discussion of the facts and principles involved in bth good and bad soul-ties.


This book deals with a facet of deliverance that should never be neglected. Unhealthy soul-ties are the underlying cause for many disturbed lives. Unholy ties result from perverted and ungodly relationships which hinder believers in their spiritual walk and keep them bound in spiritual chains.


Here at last is a thorough and theologically sound treatment of a little understood subject. Here too is an opportunity to inventory one’s own life as to the existence of unhealthy soul-ties and to discover the necessary steps for breaking free into the purity and peace of deliverance.


Paperback: 113 Pages

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