Pleasures of Loving God - Mike Bickle

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God Is Up To Something…With You!

You are invited… on a most unique treasure hunt a journey where you will discover the beauty of an exciting intimate relationship with an awesome Bridegroom who loves you unconditionally likes and wants your company and adores you.

This journey will revolutionize the way you see yourself in God—and it will change your life.

Prepare To Encounter:
GOD – His awesome loving presence in your daily life
GOD’S POWER – His active supernatural role in your daily life
A FRESH AWAKENING AND UNDERSTANDING OF GOD’S MAJESTY – His plans to bring you to new heights of joy and peace that you never thought possible

Author’s Bio:
Mike Bickle is a director of the International House of Prayer of Kansas City a twenty-four-hour-a-day ministry of Worship With Intercession in the spirit of the Tabernacle of David. They have continued nonstop intercession and worship since September 19 1999. Currently over four hundred people serve on the full-time IHOP-KC staff. See Mike Bickle is president of the Forerunner School of Ministry a full-time Bible school in Kansas City. He is also the author of Passion for Jesus and Growing in the Prophetic. Mike’s teaching emphasizes how to grow in passion for Jesus through intimacy with God.

Paperback: 215 Pages

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