Am I Being Deceived?

Am I Being Deceived?


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Get Ready To See Christianity In A New Refreshing Way.

Get rid of the shackles that may be holding you back from true worship!

Rediscover your First Love and soar to new spiritual heights as you find freedom—maybe for the first time.

The Virkler’s give poignant definition to false religions and capture the essence of true Christianity in their scripturally grounded work Am I Being Deceived?

Do you now where the boundaries are? Do you know the distinguishing traits of true Christianity Phariseeism and the New Age Movement? You will after you have read this book. Set your borders straight your vision high and your passion full steam ahead.

Am I Being Deceived?Answers These Questions and MORE:

- How can I be spiritual without becoming “New Age?”

- What does the Bible teach concerning visualization?
- How do Pharisees react to the move of the Holy Spirit?

- How can I avoid both The New Age & Phariseeism philosophies?
- What does the Bible say about dreams visions and imagination?

- What does the bible say about faith versus a positive mental attitude?
- What does the Bible say about Journaling versus Automatic Writing?

Paperback: 110 Pages

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