Prayers that Heal the Heart

Prayers that Heal the Heart


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Prayer Counseling That Breaks Every Yoke

HEALING YOUR HEART CAN SEEM OVERWHELMING yet it’s a critical process for a Christian. But what if we told you that we know a way… and it’s right here for you in these pages?

In Prayers that Heal the Heart we teach you to heal one issue at a time utilizing seven specific prayers that have been developed through an experienced time-tested worldwide counseling ministry of prayer.

These seven prayers will change your life forever:

- Breaking generational sins and curses

- Severing ungodly soul ties

- Replacing negative expectations

- Renouncing inner vows

- Receiving divine pictures/ visions

- Casting out demons

- Experiencing the Spirit of Life in Christ Jesus

We make it easy with the “Contributing Strands Worksheet” that you can use for praying privately or with a counselor.

Paperback: 320 Pages

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