Smith Wigglesworth: Only Believe - Wayne Warner

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The Man and His Devotions


Only Believe only believe

All things possible only believe
All things are possible only believe.


Discover Wigglesworth’s treasures mined from journals from London to Australia out of the spotlight of his better known published work. They as all his work are sermons that thunder and whisper. When he preached the deaf heard the lame walked limbs were restored and the most hardhearted sinner was converted. Warner has compiled these sermons into a personal devotional wherein miracles continue to unfold. Accompanying biography so that you may know the man who wrote such beauty.


“Today I am actually living in the Acts of the Apostles’ time I am speaking with new tongues the Holy Fire of God’s Presence fills me till my pen moves to the glory of God and my whole being is filled with the Presence of the Holy Ghost. Almost am I led to believe that 20 years is not too long to wait for the Holy Anointing of God the Holy Ghost.” - Smith Wigglesworth

Paperback: 184 Pages

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