Akiane - Art Book - Akiane & Forelli Kramarik

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Her Life

Her Art

Her Poetry.

Akiane was just four year old when she made that bold announcement to her formerly faithless family. Needless to say their lives haven't quite been the same since.

Overwhelmed by her stories of the supernatural yet unable to find any other explanation for her indisputable artistic ability the atheistic Kramariks faced a dilemma: either they believe her or remain in skepticism and doubt.

Akiane's artwork have been in many exhibitions and sell for upwards of one hundred thousand dollars. The paintings are often created in conjunction with a poem. The depth and imagery of her poetry rivals that of a laureate and their meanings at times resound with prophesy.

While most of her time is spent painting and writing about her spiritual experiences she remains innocently unaffected by the public recognition. Instead she chooses to focus on her life's vision: to share god's love with the world.

Hard Cover: 138 Pages

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