God in a Brothel - Daniel Walker

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An Undercover Journey into Sex Trafficking and Rescue

This is the true story of an undercover investigator's experiences infiltrating the multi-billion dollar global sex industry. It is a story of triumph for the children and young teens released from a life of slavery and the rescuer who freed many hundreds of victims leading to the prosecution of dozens of perpetrators. And it is a story of haunting despair for those left behind in corrupt systems of law enforcement. It is the personal story of Daniel Walker one man who followed a path of costly discipleship agonizing failure and unlikely redemption. And it is a challenge to God's people to join in the battle that all might be freed.

Author Bio

Daniel Walker has worked as an undercover investigator for a number of nonprofit organizations working to free women and children from sex trafficking in the United States and in over a dozen countries around the world. He holds a Master's degree in Third World economic development from Eastern University in Philadelphia. He has over twenty years of experience in law enforcement and is currently working as a police detective based in New Zealand. He has also founded Nvader a organization to combat human trafficking.


Sex trafficking is a hot subject these days. Speakers films magazine articles and books have raised the consciousness of Christian people everywhere. The problem is that few of us have ever figured out ways to respond to this ugly exploitation. In this book we have the story of one man's journey into that strange and dirty world to do what he could to provide deliverance and hope for those who are imprisoned with despair.
-Tony Campolo Ph.D. Eastern University

Absolutely fabulous. Gripping wrenching this book will make you cry. Everyone should read this powerful summons to justice and amazing witness to grace.
-Ronald J. Sider President Evangelicals for Social Action

This inspiring book tells the painful and costly story of one man's journey into the heart of the modern slave trade the global sexual trafficking of women and children. It not only tells of the dramatic rescue of many innocent victims but of a struggle for justice with corrupt politicians and law enforcement agencies who allow this trade to flourish for their own personal gain. We have celebrated the ending of the African slave trade two hundred years ago but an even bigger challenge exists on our own doorstep today.
-Murray Robertson President Baptist Churches of New Zealand

A sobering and often harrowing account of an international mission to rescue sexually exploited children in the Third World--but also a message of hope and a reminder that there are still people out there who are willing to risk all to bring this tragedy to the attention of others. I sincerely hope that this book will make a difference.
-Dave Haslett Retired Detective Inspector New Zealand Police

While there are many books on the hell and horror of modern trafficking Daniel further reveals the intimate personal pain and loss of fighting this evil on the front lines. In recent years we've witnessed an encouraging surge of engagement on the centuries-old problem of slavery but with it has come a steep learning curve. We must stop measuring ourselves against glossy stories and good intentions. Daniel calls us to a more professional approach to the rescue and recovery of slaves as well as better care for those engaged.
-Talmage Payne CEO Hagar International

God in a Brothel tells the heartbre

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